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24 March 2017

Newsletter Articles

From The Principal


Principal’s Message

Wow! Week nine already. By the time you receive this newsletter the majority of teacher/parent interim conversations would have concluded. We value having this time to talk with parents around the progress of their child/ren. By working together we can achieve the best outcomes for your children. I strongly encourage you to keep communicating with your child’s class teacher at regular intervals

This will be our last newsletter for this term and I hope you have a lovely break and can find time to relax together as a family. School recommences on Tuesday 18th April as Monday 17th April is a public holiday.

Duty of Care

All staff at Moreton Downs School take their duty of care very seriously. We have set procedures and detailed timetables and duty rosters to ensure all staff follow established processes and attend to areas of need. During school hours one area we always have staff on duty is our playground equipment.

Presently staff are very frustrated around the supervision of students before and after school. We have only limited staff on duty before and after school and at these times we do not allocate a staff member to supervise the playground equipment. There is an expectation that students do not play on the equipment before and after school. The only exception is if parents are directly supervising their own children. Even with this condition we are still having children on the equipment who are unsupervised and/or are not the children of the adult supervising. I am requesting all parents meet the expectation of supervising just their own children before and after school. I do not wish to have to close these areas before and after school but meeting our duty of care is crucially important to us. Please be aware staff may approach children and their parents to check they are being supervised. They are doing so to meet their commitment to their duty of care obligation. Please help us by meeting this expectation and work respectfully with our staff when approached.

P&C Help

Your help in driving our school forward can be achieved by participating on our P&C Association. The meetings of the P&C for the remainder of the year are all on Wednesday evenings, once a month from 6:30pm in the library.

Dates include: 19th April, 17th May, 21 June, 19 July, 16 August, 18 October and 15 November.


Please be advised our school tuckshop is shut on the last day of term Friday 31st of March.

Tuckshop will reopen on Wednesday 21st of April


Next week the P&C, as part of their fundraising, have an Easter Special on

Tuesday the 28th March with a Hot Cross Bun and Popper for $4.00.

Other events planned for 2017 include:

11th May Mother’s Day Stall
15th May Cookie Dough Drive starts
18th July Pathway Coin Challenge
30th August Father’s Day Stall
31st August Twilight Carnival
9th October Pie Drive
6 November Xmas Stocking Raffle

Remember all the funds raised go to the ‘air-condition the school project’.

School Disco

A huge thank you to the P&C and the many staff volunteers who made our disco such a success.

Games, Toys, Collector Cards and Electronic Devices

In the last newsletter I reminded our community that bringing of toys, games, collector cards and electronic devices to school is not permitted. We have seen arise in such items at school and an equal rise in fights over items, lost items, destroyed items and bad trades causing upset children. Please remind your child that such devises are not permitted at school. Should they wish to bring them to school they MUST be checked into the office in the morning and collected at the end of the day. The school takes no responsibility for devices bought into school.

Attendance – Our goal 93%

We are into week eight and attendance, at 93.7%, is proudly above our goal. This is up over 1 % for the same period last year. We look forward to even greater improvement as we progress our attendance reward system.


Please be advised that we have a change of date for this year’s inter-house cross country.

The new date is Friday 31st of March. For more information please see Mr Dunn.

Classes are doing practice in preparation.

School Improvement

An essential strategy at any school is ensuring our teachers have clear and collaboratively developed plans. To that end we have recently been releasing each teacher for a full day, in year level cohorts, to allow them time to complete this planning. Led by our Heads of Curriculum this essential work is important to providing a clear direction for student classroom learning at Moreton Downs.

PBL - Behaviour

2017 continues to be a great year for behaviour. Data to date confirms this. Key data includes:

  • Just 23 (4.7%) of students own 70.6% of the poor behaviour data.
  • An outstanding 616 (90.6%) students had no behaviour data entries at all.

Many of the processes we have in place are working effectively and providing our school with a calm and organised place for students to come each day. At the start of the year, via our PBL team, we implemented new tracking and reporting forms for class and playground behaviour. So that these are evident in our school behaviour plan we have had to review the plan and add these. This was endorsed at the last P&C meeting.

Look out for our Behaviour Bee around the school. He is our new behaviour mascot.

School Sport

We are deeply into our school sport program and our committed staff volunteers continue to support the students. We are eternally grateful for without these staff there would be no school sport.

Please be reminded that a student’s permission to participate in any school event, including school sport, may be withdrawn if their behaviour is not satisfactory.

We wish that only trustworthy, respectful, reliable and valued ambassadors represent our school.


  • Last Day of Term 1 Friday 31st March
  • Public Holiday – Monday 17th April
  • First Day Term 2 – Tuesday 18th April

Have a great fortnight


Paul Pickering

From the Deputies

Attendance awards

Assembly last week saw our positive reward program aimed at improving attendance at our school commence.

The Best attendance for the last fortnight Award went to Year 1 LW

The Class with the most improved attendance went to Year 2 SM

Reminder each term the class in the school with the highest attendance percentage for the period will receive a free Pizza Lunch.

Once per term all students with 93% attendance or higher will go in the draw to win a $25.00 tuckshop voucher. There is one voucher for each year level

Be at school It’s magic

School Disco

It was great to see the number of students, staff and parents at the disco. Most of the students were very well behaviour and had a great time dancing the night away. The night ended well with all the students and parents exiting the disco with smiles and lots of excited conversations. Thank you to the P&C and their many helpers for making the night a success.

Prep Levy

Reminder that if you have not kept up to date with Prep Levy payments please attend to these before the end of term.

Celebration Day

Reminder celebration day notes have gone home. Please make sure you pay the required $9 which covers the costs of the three terms. P- 3 Celebration Day is Thursday 30th March students are able to wear sun safe free dress.

Green Up Clean up Australia

Moreton Downs State School has lots of hard workers both in and out of the classrooms. Last Tuesday on the 7th March in the afternoon at Moreton Downs State School, we participated in the Clean-up Australia Day. Students and staff took the time to show pride in their school by making sure our school is clean and tidy.

Living Eggs

The Ready to Hatch Program has finished with the arrival of 20 chirping chicks. Each class spent time observing the eggs in the incubators. All students were eagerly waiting for the first chick to burst out of its egg. The students are always delighted to watch the hatching chicks and observe their development.

Hippity Hop

Quick reminder Prep Easter Hat Parade is on Thursday 30th March at 12.30 pm in the Hall. All students will receive a sticker for their excellent work with their Easter Hat. Please help your child make an Easter Hat for the Parade. See your child’s teacher if you do not want your child to participate.

Moreton Downs State School the place with lots of smiles.

Senior Parade Attendance Awards

Congratulations to 6MG for Best Attendance and 5JP for Most Improved Attendance. The trophies and certificates will be proudly displayed in each of these classes for a fortnight.

Last Monday 16 School Leaders headed off to the Brisbane Convention Centre for the Halogen’s Imagination – Australia’s Premier Youth Leadership Event. This event is held each year to inspire our great leaders into becoming leaders of the future. The insert below is from Shekinah:

Halogen Day was a blast! It was full of energy and fun. I don’t even know where to start because every single second, minute and hour I was there was terrific. All of the speakers who were on stage probably inspired thousands of students there because it sure di inspire me to believe in incredible things. To be honest, the speaker who inspired me the most was Jade Hamiester because the stories and adventures were intriguing. Especially the story she told where she wanted to give up on sports yet she didn’t which made me believe you can do anything and never give up on it. Throughout the whole day the message I received from all speakers was inspiration and that you should “Believe it to achieve it!”

Marg Collins


Students in year one participate in a variety of hands-on learning experiences to encourage the development of fine motor, literacy and numeracy skills.

We use technology to consolidate our learning

Here Prep students are completing some gross and fine motor activities. Rain won’t stop us! We sometimes have buddies from year six to help us.

World of Maths

The World of Maths Roadshow visited Moreton Downs today. Students from Yrs2-5 participated in a variety of hands on activities that encouraged working in teams, mathematical thinking, problem solving and reasoning.

Below are some comments from our students-

The World of Maths Roadshow was really fun. We got to work in groups to solve some really difficult problems. It was useful to bounce ideas off each other to help with the problem solving. – Savannah P

I really the activity “Mouse in the House”. It was a probability activity where we had to work out the best place for a mouse trap. It was great! – Liam M

My favourite activity was “Escape” where we had to work with a partner to unchain ourselves. It was different to be able to move around and work together. – Christy H

They had lots of fun games and lots of cool maths problems for us to solve. Mia Ross.

The puzzles were really fun to solve. Lily Woodward.

I thought that world of maths was really fun because you got to solve problems that were easy and hard and you had to work together in teams. Shaylea Howard.

My favourite part was that everyone had fun and all the activities were so much fun it made me learn more. Emily Morris.

I thought it was really good because you got to play games, talk to other classes and learn new fun things. Zoe Bloem.

I thought it was fun because we got to work with our friends for the activities as a team and we helped each other. Aaliyah Reweti.

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Let’s Get Comfortable: News From J Block

Phonic /Whisper Phones

Whisper phones are a phone like device that allow learners to hear themselves clearly while speaking softly into it. The learner’s voice is magnified allowing them to hear their sounds and words distinctly

We have been experimenting with our new Phonic/Whisper phones down in J Block. I have seen them being used in other classrooms at MDSS but have only just got round to making a set. The difficult bit is getting out of Bunnings with the 2metre length of plastic pipe, the rest was easy.

Students find that when they use the phones they are not distracted by other students in the Guided reading group…

Music News

Choir News

All of our choir students are doing an exceptional job this year. Just a reminder that Senior Choir rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 11:00am and Junior Choir rehearsals are held every Wednesday at 1:30pm.

Recorder Band

Our Recorder Band students are rehearsing and performing with skill and expertise – well done. Just a reminder that Junior Recorder Band rehearses at 11:00am every Thursday and Advanced Recorder Band rehearses at 8:10am on Fridays.

Instrumental Music Reminders

  • String Ensemble has now commenced. String Ensemble rehearsals are held in the Hall from 3.00 - 4.00pm every Monday afternoon: All 2nd year students (if they began tuition in 2016), are required to attend String Ensemble.
  • Well done to the students that attended the Beginner Instrumental Workshop. As always, these students represented our school with pride.

The photo above features a group of proud and hardworking students enjoying the Workshop with their teacher, Mr. Gynther.

Parents and students, thanks for your involvement in and commitment to the school music program. Keep practicing hard: Your efforts don’t go unnoticed!

Yours in Education,

Ms. Nizic
Classroom Music
Recorder Band

Ms. Newton
Strings Program

Mr. Gynther
Multi-Instrument Program

Ms. Nizic
Classroom Music
Recorder Band

Ms. Newton
Strings Program

Mr. Gynther
Multi-Instrument Program

Chappy News

FREE kids program 1st week of holidays.

It’s hard to believe it’s week 9 already and Easter holidays are just around the corner! There’s a free Easter kids program being held on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th from a local church, the Peace Presbyterian, on Maine Street, Deception Bay (behind the pool) It’s for kids in grades 1 to 6 from 9.30 to 12.30 and includes food! You can drop the them off and go and have a coffee! You’ll find the flyer attached. I’ll be there to help out so hope to see your kids!

Have a great Easter break and enjoy spending time with your kids and I look forward to next term!

Chappy Leanne.


Cross Country

Sports Star Cross Country
Friday 31st March


Prep-year 2 move to oval


Warm up for year 1's


Year 1 event



Prep event



Year 3 arrive


Year 2 event



Year 3 event




Year 4-6 arrive on the oval


Year 4 (9 year olds) event



Fun run /walk for 10-12 years



10 years event



11 / 12 years event




P&C News

Tuckshop News

Reminder that there is a breakfast menu available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings from 8.20am – 8.40am.

The tuckshop is now open BOTH breaks every day except Tuesday.

Last day for tuckshop for this term is Thursday 30th March – Closed Friday 31st March it will reopen on Wednesday 19th April.

Community News

Looking for something different to keep the kids entertained these Easter school holidays? Book them in for some awesome active fun at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre!

During the upcoming Easter school holidays, the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre will be running half day (3hr) and full-day (6hr) adventure activity programs for children aged eight years and over and their families. Either drop the kids off or stay and join in the fun!

All the instructor-led activities provide safe and challenging new experiences to allow kids to get out of their comfort zone, experience nature and have some fun. The activities are delivered by fully-trained and accredited instructors using high-quality facilities and equipment.

Some of the activities on offer are:

The Caves (artificial caving system)
Giant Swing
High Ropes
Pool games
The Rock Face (10-metre-high artificial rock climbing wall)
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Body Boarding

Position Vacant

A temporary casual position exists for a Casual School Crossing Supervisor at Moreton Downs SS, you may also need to relieve at other schools.

The School Crossing Supervisor may be required to work five days per week in all weather conditions. The hours of work for School Crossing Supervisors are normally 1.5 hours a day and usually comprise of one hour in the morning and ½ hour in the afternoon.

The successful applicant is dependent on:

  • The favourable outcome of a health assessment carried out by a Government Medical Officer or a duly qualified Medical Practitioner according to the guidelines in the “Notes for Medical Practitioner” on the School Crossing Supervisor Scheme – Health Assessment Form; and
  • A Positive Notice Blue Card (This means you do not need to have a blue card to apply for the position)

Applicants are required to advise in writing of any charges that have been laid against them or any offence of which they have been convicted of.

Applications addressing the selection criteria as listed in the position description must be submitted in writing to the school.

If you are successful in your application for this position, you can only commence employment with Transport and Main Roads if you hold a current Blue Card or are renewing your Blue Card and have submitted either a Blue Card Application form or Authorisation to Confirm Current Blue Card form to the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian.

Address application to:

Private and Confidential
The Principal
Moreton Downs State School
Deception Bay QLD 4508
Applications close at 3.00pm on 18th April 2017
For further information please phone the Road Safety on 07 54521829

Helping Hands

Helping Hands Moreton Downs

Providing Before, After and Vacation.
Hours of Operation: Before School 6.30 to 9am
After School 2.30 to 6pm
Vacation Care 6.30 to 6pm

The service provides breakfast and afternoon Tea.

Service Contact Details: Phone: 0407 198 245

Come and join in all the fun at Helping Hands.

Vacation Care is fast approaching. So be sure to come and book your early as places are limited. Some of our activities included Chocolate making, going Ten Pin bowling and Easter craft day.

Parents please ensure your child has a hat when they attend Helping Hands.

We are located in the hall. So if you require any information please don’t hesitate to come to the hall and see us. All we ask is that you don’t come right on bell time of a morning or afternoon as these are very busy times at the service.

If you wish to join in the fun at Helping Hands, please come and speak to the Staff and get an enrolment pack.

Thank you, from the helping hands team